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About: "My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations." - John Green

Just a girl with a large amount of thoughts and opinions lingering 'round in my head.

Alaa Harb, 18, Mississauga.

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"Hi, can I get a McFlurry with a #McFail on the side?"

imageBernard, D.  (2012, January). #McMistake: How Social Media Can Fail. Voice of America. Retrieved from “www.blogs.voanews.com/digital frontiers/2012/01/24/mcmistake-how-social-media-can-fail/”.

Doug Bernard, a journalist for Voice of America expresses how he feels when both the real and digital worlds collide. He focuses mainly on McDonald’s twitter campaign ‘#mcdstories’ to explain how social media can take a message out of context and simply regurgitate it back in an “ugly” way. Using other examples, such as the Chrysler marketing executive who expressed his hatred of Detroit drivers and the failed Wendy twitter campaign ‘#heresthebeef’, he concludes that social media gives a negative image for large corporations because the marketing is not “authentic” and people’s opinions have grown to a large extent through social networking. Although Bernard looks at the negatives of how corporations use social media to market their products, he fails to look at how it also helps with the growth of the company and their audiences. This article shows that Bernard’s opinions are traditional and old-school. In order to weigh out the pro’s and con’s, he should also look at successes of other social media campaigns such as Nike’s hashtag trend #findgreatness’ and Ridley Scott’s twitter promotion of the movie ‘Prometheus’. Although Doug Bernard takes a different stand on social media, he does not provide enough evidence or facts in order to completely compel others to agree with him - instead, he leaves a precaution for any future social media campaign attempts. 

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